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Our Environment Story

What is McDonald’s doing around the world to protect the environment?

Since its establishment in 1955, McDonald’s has been involved in a wide range of activities that have aimed to create benefits for the environment and society. McDonald’s global headquarters publishes a ‘Best of Green’ report, which is a sustainability report describing the company’s efforts to protect the environment. As well, stores around the world are implementing a ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ policy to conserve electricity, using environment-friendly packages and recycling to conserve energy, minimize unnecessary use of resources and work to protect the environment.

Based on these efforts for the environment, McDonald’s is fulfilling its role as a ‘corporate citizen’ and is championing environmental protection activities to achieve sustainable growth.

  • McDonald’s Korea’s Efforts to Protect the Environment “The Green Campaign”

    The efforts made by McDonald’s to protect the environment are also being carried out in Korea. McDonald’s voluntarily signed an agreement with the Ministry of Environment in 2013 to reduce its use of disposable items by 3% every year compared to the previous year until 2020.

    To actively participate in protecting the environment, the ‘McDonald’s GREEN Campaign’ was launched in August 2013. Employees at the head office refrained from making unnecessary printouts and turned off their computers when possible as part of an announced plan to actively pursue environment-friendly operations.

  • Multiple-use Cup Mileage 3,6,9

    Of the various environment-friendly activities pursued by McDonald’s, the efforts to reduce the use of disposable products are particularly important. As a way of rewarding customers who care about the environment, McDonald’s began a mileage card service that gives customers a free beverage every third, sixth and ninth visit when they bring their own travel mug for beverages.
    Actively recommending the use of personal multiple-use cups to customers, with the goal of reducing the use of disposable cups by 20% compared to the previous year.

  • Working at the restaurant to save the environment.

    To reduce energy use, some stores use electric bikes, which do not use gasoline, and LED lights that use low amounts of electricity have been installed in stores nationwide. As well, the used cooking oil is collected from stores nationwide and recycled as to make bio diesel.

    Also, McDonald’s is participating in ‘Earth Hour’ that is held worldwide by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and turns off all the lights inside and outside McDonald’s restaurants nationwide, with the exception of minimal lighting to keep customers safe.

    By pursuing the goals of energy conservation and environmental preservation, McDonald’s is maintaining good corporate ethics, and being a good corporate citizen.


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