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McDonald's Ingredients

McDonald's chooses its ingredients just like a mother who cares about health of her children. Here! Look at the quality ingredients used by McDonalds!

  • Beef Patty

    Beef Patty

    The beef used to make McDonald’s beef patties comes from farms in Australia and New Zealand with the best environmental conditions. The beef patties are seasoned with salt and pepper only to preserve the original taste of thick and juicy beef. In addition, all McDonald’s’ beef undergoes a strict 30-stage test to get from the ranch to your table. Enjoy the rich, juicy flavor of 100% pure beef patties.

  • Onion


    McDonald’s onions, which have a unique kick and a fresh taste, are vacuum-packed and delivered to the restaurant after undergoing several strict sterilization and cleaning processes. Together with other ingredients in the burger, the tangy taste of our fresh onions enhances the flavor.

  • Lettuce


    Crisp lettuce adds freshness to McDonald’s burgers. The lettuce is cleaned and sterilized three times by a carefully selected Korean vendor, and then is vacuum-packed and delivered to the restaurant. Enjoy the fresh taste that comes with every single bite.

  • Cheese


    Delicious McDonald’s cheese made from fresh milk is supplied by well-renowned dairy companies from both Korea and abroad. The rich, unique flavor of our cheese combines with the various ingredients to create a better taste.

  • Tomato


    McDonald’s tomatoes are fresh and full. Korean-grown tomatoes are sterilized and cleaned by a selected Korean vendor and delivered fresh to the restaurant. Come enjoy the fresh taste of our tomatoes, which have the perfect color, size and ripeness.

  • Crispy chicken patty

    Crispy chicken patty (Leg)

    With buttermilk power added to the batter, thick chicken leg patty is crispy on the outside and juicy inside!
    Enjoy the crispy chicken patty with Crispy Oriental Chicken Burger, made with McDonald's special recipe.

  • Spicy chicken patty

    Spicy chicken patty (Breast)

    An irresistible spicy taste that Koreans love is added to McDonald’s 100% chicken breast. This chicken breast patty is used in the popular ‘McSpicy™ Shanghai Burger’ (launched in 2004), which is only available in Korea. Come taste the chicken breast with a spicy kick that has captivated the taste buds of Koreans.

  • Egg


    McDonald’s fresh eggs are supplied by a Korean company that received the top award from KAPE. They are thoroughly sanitized from surface cleaning to coating, and are kept at the optimum freshness by being stored and distributed at under 7℃ until they are cooked at the restaurant. Enjoy a fresh taste and get essential nutrients with Korea’s highest quality eggs.

  • Bacon Strip

    Bacon Strip

    The long premium bacon strip made from pork adds a richer flavor to McDonald’s burgers with its savory and slightly salty taste. Come enjoy the great taste of crispy Danish bacon at McDonald’s.

  • Bun


    McDonald’s hamburger buns are baked and delivered by a reliable Korean bakery 24 hours prior to use. The best quality buns are approved by AIB*, a bakery evaluation institute. Enjoy the soft taste of our fresh buns after they are toasted one more time in the restaurant before serving.

    * What is *AIB (American Institute of Baking)?AIB is a global bakery evaluation institute that is renowned for its strict inspection processes and highest quality standards

  • Potato


    The secret behind the unrivaled taste of McDonald’s French Fries is the strict standards McDonald’s uses when selecting potatoes. Of the various varieties of potatoes in the market, only four types that pass our strict quality standards can become French fries. Enjoy the great taste of potatoes carefully selected by McDonald’s.

  • Coffee


    McDonald's uses only 100% Arabica beans for its coffee. It is sampled and tested three times: in South America as soon as it is harvested, by a coffee consultant research lab in the U.S., and then at a global coffee test lab. Enjoy the soft taste and rich aroma of carefully selected coffee beans.


※ McDonald’s observes HACCP (food hazard analysis and critical control point) in all processes.


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