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Our CSR Programs

We are working hard to return the love we have received from our communities,
to promote their development and happiness.

This is the corporate philosophy of McDonalds’s. The ‘Ronald McDonald Soccer Club’ is a program to help children learn to the spirit of team work while playing soccer, promoting balanced and active life style.

The ‘Happy Burger Campaign,’ which is a community program that gives hamburgers to members of the community who need a loving hand, and the ‘Seoul Neighborhood Guard’ that helps Seoul make a safer city for women are some other efforts McDonald’s Korea is making to fulfill its responsibilities as a healthy corporate citizen.

We also want to give hope to sick children. The independent charity foundation, ‘Ronald McDonald House Charities,’ provides a house away from home for children with tumors and also operates a children’s hospital school program to help children continue their school work at hospitals so that they may have a bright and healthy life.

Ronald McDonald Soccer Club

Happy Burger Campaign

‘Happy Burger’ is a campaign that gives hamburgers to neighbors who need a helping hand. In September 2013, McDonald’s signed a work agreement with the Korea National Council on Social Welfare and the Segye Times.

This campaign, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, plans to give 800 Bulgogi Burgers and beverages to children’s welfare facilities that need help in eight cities around the nation, for a total of 40,000 meals donated each year.

Seoul Neighborhood Guard

In November 2013, McDonald’s signed an agreement with Seoul Metropolitan City to create ‘Seoul Neighborhood Guard,’ with the goal of making Seoul a safer city for women.

In this program, about 750 chosen McDonald’s delivery drivers, ‘Riders,’ will be town guards. These Riders will promote safety by monitoring and reporting any incidents of violence against women in high-risk areas, such as dark alleys, while on delivery.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities Korea

Ronald McDonald House Charities is a globally trusted non-profit organization. It establishes and supports a variety of programs to improve the health and welfare of children around the world.

In Korea, it was established in 2007 and operates a ‘children’s hospital school’ for children with tumors at the Shinchon Severance Hospital and Yangsan Pusan National University Hospital, to support these children in their transition back to normal life and school and help them recover quickly through play therapy.

We will continuously work to improve the lives of Korean children through ‘Ronald McDonald House,’ a home away from home for patients and their families.

Ronald McDonald House Charities


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